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Original YMYM YC1 IPX6 Impermeable Limpiador de dientes vibratorio sónico eléctrico Dental Eliminador de sarro de cálculo de Xiaomi Youpin


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                  Description :

                  YMYM YC1 IPX6 Waterproof Sonic Vibrating Tooth Cleaner Electric Dental Calculus Tartar Remover From Xiaomi Youpin – Black

                  Features :

                  -Dither motor crushed tartar

                  -Two sizes thorough cleaning head cleaning fissure

                  -Four kinds of cleaning mode multi-faceted clean

                  -Smart core control circuit alert transducer region

                  -Charging two hours, battery life 30 days

                  -Stainless steel cleaning head, more health and hygiene

                  -IPX6 waterproof, simple and safe operation

                  Specification :
                  Brand YMYM
                  Model YC1
                  Material ABS,Stainless Steel
                  Rated Voltage 3.7V DC
                  Input Parameters  5V DC 0.3A
                  Battery capacity 400mAh
                  Battery Endurance 30 Days
                  Waterproof Level IPX6 
                  Weight 0.066kg
                  Package Included :
                  1 x Tooth Cleaner Handle
                  2 x Cleaning Head
                  1 x USB Charging Cable
                  1 x Oral inspection Glass