How To Start Your Own Day Spa Business

For clients who have busy schedules and don’t often find the time to simply sit down and relax, a day spa can provide a welcome experience. With many day spas offering the same services that many spa resorts feature, they are becoming a more and more popular place for people to visit for a bit of well-deserved ‘me time’, making them an ideal and profitable business idea. If you’re considering starting your own business and want to open a day spa in your area, here are just some of the things that you’ll need to do.

Getting Started

For a business such as a day spa, it is really all about the preparation that you put in when getting started that could make or break your success. Before you start, it is important to write a business plan which will help to give you the best idea of how you should run your business and what to expect. You will also need to obtain a business or trader’s licence, and another other required permits from your city or county clerk’s office. Before your big opening day, it’s also crucial to purchase and set up your spa supplies . Making sure that you have suitable insurance and having a full inspection carried out before you open your spa to the public will ensure that you don’t run into any trouble later on.


Getting to know your target market is crucial to a successful marketing campaign. Even before you open your day spa to the public, you should be carrying out market research in order to find out who is interested in visiting your spa and the types of services and products that they would be happy to see on offer. By doing this, you can ensure that your marketing campaigns are successful as you’ll know exactly who it is that you’re targeting and what to include in your service list to get the most interest. Aside from carrying out market research through the usual methods such as surveys and questionnaires, it’s also a good idea to check out any competition that you have in the local area – not to copy them, but rather to gauge what it is that they are doing successfully so that you can stay one step ahead.

Hiring and Opening

The opening day is the big event that by this point, you will have been working up to and preparing for over a period of time. Before this date, you should hire staff for your day spa business, including therapists, beauticians, receptionists, and other staff members that you may need depending on the services that your company will offer. Treat your opening day as a way to attract new customers – holding a grand opening and offering free services on the day to visitors will generate a lot of interest and hopefully establish your first customers.

With more and more people leading busy lives and having little time to relax, it’s no surprise that the spa industry is one of the best to get involved in!

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