Ways eBooks can help your Business

eBooks have seen a massive rise in popularity since the introduction of the Kindle in 2007. In fact, myriad eBook readers have gone into production and hit the market over the past few years. This, combined with the profusion of tablets and ereading software such as the Kindle app, has allowed the eBook market to flourish, and consumers to read their favorite eBook on any number of devices at any given time. eBooks now straddle almost every conceivable topic and theme, from fiction to self-help titles to business texts. More than ever authors are using eBooks as a way of making money from home, as well as to supplement a business’s content marketing strategy. It is for this reason that writing an eBook is one of the most effective ways of marketing your business. Below, we’ll look at the ways in which writing and publishing an eBook can help your business grow.

As a marketing tool

One of the best reasons to use an eBook as a marketing tool is because it doesn’t seem like one at all. Without any hard sell to deter suspicious customers, eBooks appeal by being an informative and entertaining medium that offers your company’s expertise to an explicit target audience without seeming too intrusive. To pull this off, however, you need to craft an eBook that doesn’t seem like an advertising hook. Aside from supplementing it with additional graphics, audio or videos to make it more appealing to the reader, you also need to strike the correct tone. There are a number of guides, such as this one, that will teach you the basics of crafting a formidable eBook and speaking directly to your readers. Learning the craft is well worth it. It will allow customers to find your product or service instead of the other way around. And if they read your eBook through an app on a mobile device, you can take advantage of links and special offers to refer them back to your company’s website or social media channels. At the very least, you could require an email address as an access requirement for the eBook, allowing you to keep in touch with them and establish a relationship.

As a business card

eBooks provide all the necessary details that will let customers know what your business is about while at the same time conveying its values and goals. Incorporating eBooks into your content marketing strategy also adds a level of professionalism and credibility and will ensure that you appear knowledgeable in your field. This will help gain traction with potential customers, building up a sense of trustworthiness and value with existing customers and strengthening your company brand and profile.

As a source of valuable knowledge

Above all other functions an eBook should inform and educate your target audience. The reason for this is that it shows commitment from you to your readers, and that you are willing to spend time and effort on something that will directly benefit them. With that in mind, you should always write about topics that you possess complete expertise on. It won’t help to write about something in which you aren’t fully-versed. The text will come across as amateur and lack the sincerity that customers expect from your company. Instead, keep the topic of your eBook relevant to your industry, something you are well-versed in that will benefit your audience and keep them enthralled, entertained and educated.

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